Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!! I’m sure most of you are gagging right about now. I feel ya, scrolling through endless sappy posts, seeing all the gifts, it doesn’t stop. What’s the point of it all? I can’t answer that for you, however, I can provide you with some encouragement.

Today’s a tough day for the single folks in the world. Especially those without any dates! It can be a lonely night, I’m right there on the forever alone bus with y’all. But, listen to this, don’t replace your loneliness with false companionship. Do I need to say it louder for the people in the back? Keep your standards high, my friends! And when I say high standards, I don’t mean only replying to Instagram Supermodels. I’m talking about how people treat you. Evaluate what you want in a companion, do you want someone who’s nice to look at and talks down to you? Or do you want that person who understands your humor and listens to your dreams?


The “Law of Attraction” states that you attract what you bring and what you are. In simpler terms, you’re not going to attract your soulmate if you’re not working on yourself. I get that being single gets boring, humans naturally long for companionship. But, if you sit there and wallow in your self-pity you’re missing a golden opportunity to be improving yourself! I know you’re lonely right now, keep improving, keep getting better and when you finally meet, when you finally attract that soulmate, it’ll be worth the wait. While everyone else is having their candlelight dinners tonight, go hit the gym, read a good book, hangout with some buddies, post on that blog you’ve been putting off (@ me).


Don’t let days like these discourage you. It’s easier said than done, I get it. It makes me happy seeing great relationships, all the gifts, and all the smiles. It warms my heart, but, at the same time, it leaves you wondering, when is it my turn? The only thing I can tell you is, love is worth the wait. Most of you have been waiting for awhile now, or doing all the right things for the wrong people, when the right person comes it’ll be worth the bad relationships, it’ll be worth the pain, it’ll be worth the frustration. 

Just a little side note here, guys AND girls, don’t be afraid to shoot ya shot. Life is far too short to let the fear of rejection to stop you from finding someone who will treat ya right. Remember, rejection is just one step closer to that yes. 😉


I know it’s going to be hard to take relationship advice from a single guy, but just listen to me here. Don’t wait for Valentine’s day, or any other ‘special’ occasion for that matter, to appreciate your companion. Do the little things each day, to keep that relationship going strong. Love is a beautiful thing, don’t take it for granted. 

I’ll leave you with this quote, “Love cannot be measured in how long you wait, it’s about how well you understand why you’re waiting.” 

Don’t exchange loneliness for bad company. Be valuable and know your worth. Remember why you’re waiting for the right person. Stay encouraged. 


Live and Learn

Get Better Every Day



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