Eliminate Excuses

“Oh, I’ll go to the gym tomorrow, I don’t have time tonight.” You won’t, and don’t worry, you won’t the next day either. Dang, that’s harsh, man. Let’s be honest with ourselves, we’ve all said that before. But, get this, we only have time for what we make time for. You hear that? If it’s important to you, you WILL make time for it. Eliminate those excuses, it’s time to get real with ourselves!

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Let’s start with transparency. Be honest with yourself and others. One of the most harmful things we can do is lie to ourselves and to other people. We’ve all been there. We’ve all done it. We all have the self-awareness to stop it. There’s no secret to it–you just have to be real with yourself. Call yourself out when you know you’re making an excuse. Learn to say no, if you know you’re not going to do it, let that person know. That initial rejection hurts a heck of a lot less than being stood up.

If you know you struggle with it, find someone to hold you accountable. I have a couple friends that you can’t tell anything, because they WILL MAKE sure you follow through with it. They’re honest with me, they’re going to tell me when I’m selling myself short. You are who you surround yourself with, so surround yourself with winners. Winners don’t make excuses, they make progress. 

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If you say you’re going to do it, then do it. It’s really not as bad as you think it’ll be. When my mom asks me to do something or invites me somewhere, I usually do NOT want to do it. I just have to suck it up and get it done. And each time, it’s rarely as painful as I thought it’d be. Go ahead and hit the gym, put in the extra time at work, and start the essay. It’s not as painful as you think. 

How many times have we passed someone having car trouble on the side of the road? Can we honestly count how many times we’ve passed those lost dogs on the side of road? What’s our excuse for not stopping? No time, we’re in a rush? Or my personal favorite, oh they’ll be okay someone else will get them. Silence those excuses, because most likely, everyone else is thinking the same thing.

I had a great opportunity to put these words into action this week. A young woman’s car needed a jump-start in the parking lot of the restaurant I was eating at. Immediately, the excuses came into my head, Oh she’ll be fine, I don’t know how to help anyways. I eliminated those excuses, got up and learned how to use those jumper cables collecting dust in my trunk.

“I worked hard yesterday, I deserve a day off.” “I don’t need to bother them, they’re probably busy.” Quit justifying your excuses. Stop listening to the little voice in your head. I’m the world’s worst. I constantly talk myself out of things I want to do. I have to remind myself to be a doer and not a ‘sayer’. Listen to the big voice in your head. Block out those negative thoughts with some positive self talk. Listen to your favorite song or do some push-ups, build yourself up and be unstoppable

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Things get tough, nothing worth doing will be easy. We can’t justify giving up because things got difficult. I am extremely excited to say that I will be attending Harding University to complete my undergrad in the Spring. But, let me tell ya, it was an absolute pain to get to this point. I had a wavy three year ride at TJC; taking classes I didn’t see a point in, balancing work and school, those absolutely unbearable advising holds, it’s safe to say I justified dropping out nearly every day! But what I wanted, the degree and next step in my life, is worth destroying the excuses. Life will get tough, you might lose a job, you might miss rent, you’ll have holds on your account. Don’t justify the excuses–overcome them.

Ultimately, it comes down to how bad you want it. Our biggest obstacle is our own mind. Our excuses justify giving up or letting ourselves off the hook. Eliminate excuses and you begin to see results, honesty, and accountability. Live every day knowing you’re competing against yourself. You have to be better than yesterday, so no more excuses.

Live and Learn

Get Better Every Day,

– Kaspar

One thought on “Eliminate Excuses

  1. excuses or opportunites … always take the opportunity … You never know where it might lead … I know this much cut out on excuses u end up getting a lot of things done that u thought u never had the time to do in the first place .. When you look back it wasn’t time that was keeping you from doing things .. IT was the EXCUSES 🙂

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